About Us

We take care of the Environment and are forever wanting to become green.
Wakin Furniture takes its environmental and ethical responsibilities very seriously. Sustainable sourcing for products, combined with the utilisation of factories that possess good employee conditions, has long been our way of business and fundamental to our core beliefs and values
● Quality and safety will not be compromised.
● We will know the stories of our products; and consequently the well being of the environment and the people involved.
● We will seek to minimise the environmental impact of other associated raw materials we use.
● Working conditions in our supplier factories and throughout the supply chain will meet the highest standards.
● We will dedicate resources to the development of carbon footprint reduction across our diverse range of product materials.
● We will not over package order our products, and we will maximise our use of recyclable materials for packaging.
● We will design our products to make recycling as easy as possible
● We will minimise the need to use toxic chemicals in our products and their production processes.